The $MORTALDOGE token is on Binance Smart Chain and it is used for the different functionalities in the MortalDoge game. It will be used as an in-game currency and also allow player to earn NFTs or leverage EXP by staking $MORTALDOGE tokens.
In-Game currency
With $MORTALDOGE tokens the player can purchase NFTs on the MortalDoge marketplace and sell NFTs against $MORTALDOGE tokens.
Fighting Rewards
Players are able to fight against any opponent and get rewarded with $MORTALDOGE tokens. In the gamemode PvP, there will be predefined fighting Arena´s with different prizes for players to fight for.
EXP Leverage
The amount of $MORTALDOGE token holding in Players cryptocurrency wallet will affect their EXP bonus, rewarding players who put the time in with the ability to level up quicker. The MortalDoge platform will check Players $MORTALDOGE token holding every fight in order to allocate this bonus.
The EXP Boost tier list is as follows:
500.000 $MF tokens - multiple x1.5 EXP boost
2.000.000 $MF tokens - multiple x2.0 EXP boost
4.000.000 $MF tokens - multiple x2.5 EXP boost
8.000.000 $MF tokens - multiple x3.0 EXP boost
Exclusion: Staked $MORTALDOGE tokens are not counted towards EXP Boosts (see Section 7. Staking for more details)
MortalDoge wants the community to help decide the development priority of upcoming MortalDoge and Arenas. The top 25 $MORTALDOGE token holders will be snapshot every month (last day end of months) before the next game development objectives are announced.
Every new fighter and every arena will be uniquely presented to this community before going into 2D and 3D development. After this, the DAO government will be able to vote for the CONCEPT ART for the next round of development. This will allow passionate players to help sculpt the gameworld they are building and strengthen ties between the community - rewarding them for their participation and incentivising them to play more.