Like any economically driven company, it is also important for MortalDoge platform to define and expand long-term sources of income.
Advertising in Arena and On the Map
Some spaces and places in the MortalDoge game will be used to offer advertising. Those spaces are reserved in arenas or on the map for banners or company logos.
Lend a Arena NFT (to companies or player)
MortalDoge aims to lend Arena NFTs to Players or Companies for a specific time and receive a rental fee for that. By time after the game has been successfully released and a constant player base is established, MortalDoge will offer different advertising options.
NFT Sale on Marketplace
Every NFT asset for the MortalDoge game will be offered and sold by MortalDoge, besides any community airdrop. There will be a total supply defined depending on demand of players within 12 months of game development to create value in rarity and through long-term holding a MortalDoge NFT.
Platform Fee
For each transaction on the NFT marketplace and from each Fight-to-Earn match, MortalDoge will deduct a fee of 10%.
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