Each asset in the Game is represented as an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) which can also be controlled outside of the game to attract collectors on the secondary market. MortalDoge uses NFTs to allow Players to hold their game assets decentralized in their wallets in order to underline the freedom of play. Most utilities of the MortalDoge game will only be available when Player holds the appropriate NFTs.
One of those NFTs represents a Fighter character in the game which has different attributes stored on the Blockchain. MortalDoge NFTs will be minted at an NGE (NFT-Generation-Event) when they are purchased on the market place, or by participating in airdrops or community activities. The following NFTs are part of the MortalDoge game:
Each Fighter in MortalDoge will be held as an NFT and can have many copies. There will be in total at least 10 different Fighters available in the MortalDoge universe which are completely unique in Art and fighting skills.
Every new minted fighter NFT starts with Level 1. The highest level a Fighter can achieve is Level 5. The NFTs themselves will display all relevant stats of a Fighter shown so they can be advertised easily to competitors and potential buyers.
Skins / Equipment
Cosmetic related assets will make your Fighter have a unique look. Each fighter NFT has a base Design characteristic. All Skins NFTs will add to each Fighter's look. There will be limited skins and equipment which will increase the rarity of the Fighter’s look - it won’t just be for those who can afford it, but for those whose skills warrant it. NFTs for skins can just be purchased through the MortalDoge Marketplace
EXP Booster
MortalDoge game mechanics are built on Experience points (EXP) to level up your fighter and progress in the game mode development. Each fighter has different strengths and weaknesses on experience points (EXP) will be applied automatically. Holding a EXP Booster NFT will allow Players to leverage their EXP earnings and get a faster improvement/development for the Fighter. There are 2 different Booster NFTs which leverage your EXP earnings by x2 and x4. EXP booster NFTs are only distributed through staking
Every Fighter in MortalDoge Metaverse has 3 different superpowers which gives up to 10% advantage in a fight. Each superpower will have different effects in the game, like reload health, super punch strength, speed increase etc. which are time limited (10 seconds) in action and can just be used one time in each fight.
A place where players are able to fight each other. Each arena has its own unique location design and animation. Arena NFTs will be owned by MortalDoge and rented out over time to other players or companies.