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MortalDoge is an arcade fighting game, where players choose characters and fight each other until they defeat their opponent or the time runs out. Every fight consists of two (2) rounds, with each round lasting 45 seconds. It follows the rules of most arcade fighting games.
The winner of two rounds wins the overall fight. If the fight is tied at the end of the second round - with each player winning one round - a third and final round will take place to determine the match winner. Players are able to choose between different game modes and fight for tokens or for experience points to gain skills.
Fight to learn (PvCPU)
Players can play MortalDoge without the need to purchase an NFT fighter. Player visits the game website or downloads the game from the Appstore or the Google Play store and selects ‘play game’ and will be directed to the character selection map.
In the ‘Free-to-Play’ version the player will have the option to choose between two basic random Fighters. The game will be played against a CPU character or any other Player through the multiplayer mode. Allowing for a free game option will give the player the option to get acquainted with the game before purchasing a NFT fighter.
Fight to Earn (PvP)
Players can earn $MORTALDOGE tokens by accepting a rewarded fight. The amount of $MORTALDOGE tokens up for grabs will be defined by MORTALDOGE in order to minimize the risk of total loss. Once a player has accepted the game mode fight-to-earn, the defined MortalDoge token amount will be deducted from Players cryptocurrency wallet and escrowed safety and specially designed smart contract until the fight has been ended.
Fight to gain (PvP & PvCPU)
Players can earn Experience points (EXP) in order to level up their fighters. Players will also be able to fight against AI. Match ups against an AI will have lower EXP reward, while a multiplayer fight will have more due to the difficulty.
1vs1 (PvP & PvCPU)
Game Mode available for: Fight to Gain (PvP & PvCPU) & Fight to earn (PvP). Players will be able to fight others in the world. Each player can only fight against the same Level fighter (e.g. Level 2 vs Level 2). Higher EXP fighters will be able to fight for higher prize pools and gain access to special tournaments.
3vs3 (PvP & PvCPU)
Game Mode available for: Fight to Gain (PvP & PvCPU) & Fight to Earn (PvP). Play as a team against 1vs1 mode. Each team who wins at least 2 fights in a 1vs1 mode will win the challenge.
Based on special events and sponsorships, tournaments will be a special part of the game mode where Players can win a huge prize. The most experienced and advanced players will be invited to special events with high stakes and special prizes. Special events will not just be developer-led, but community led too. As MortalDoge develops, players will be able to stage their own tournaments by staking $MORTALDOGE tokens. It will breathe life into the amateur scene and give back to the MortalDoge community
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