Game Intro

Players opening the game app will be greeted with a start screen providing three (3) options to choose from. Clicking on ‘Play’ takes the player to the map view, where the player gets to see the map with all of its regions. Here they can choose the arena they want to fight in. A blockchain connection will check user’s wallets in the background to determine whether NFTs or $MORTALDOGE tokens are held. Once the arena is selected, players will have the option to choose between three fight modes:
  1. 1.
    Free to Play: player competes against another player in an online multiplayer mode or against the CPU
  2. 2.
    Fight to Earn: player competes against another player in an online multiplayer mode MortalDoge
  3. 3.
    Fight to Gain: player competes against another player or against the CPU for experience points, without needing any $MORTALDOGE tokens
From time-to-time players will be able to partake in tournaments held in various arenas on the map. The tournaments will be advertised within the community. When a tournament is taking place, players will travel to tournaments by clicking on ‘Play’ on the start screen. On the map, arenas where tournaments are held will be highlighted. Upon clicking onto the arena, the player will be placed into the tournament.
On the start screen players have two more options to choose from when opening the game app. Players who do not wish to compete in a fight, can select ‘NFT Marketplace’. This takes them to the marketplace where they can sell NFTs of their characters or other digital artifacts in the game they own or buy new NFTs, skins and other customization elements for their characters, experience booster packages for their fights, or other artifacts offered for sale by members of the community.
Lastly, the third option on the start screen is staking. Players get to the staking menu, where they can choose between (1) Staking for Skills or (2) Staking for NFTs.