Game Components

The MortalDoge Fighters
In MortalDoge game each fighter originates from a different family.
It allows for a diverse range of characters to suit every possible player taste and fulfil every popular archetype (especially as more MortalDoge are introduced), with epic unique backstories that bring their own timeline to life.
MortalDoge have different strengths and weaknesses paired with special powers. Each fighter has unique characteristics, and differs in design, fighting, skills, and animation. Players can level up or develop the fighter by collecting EXP and developing their characters skills through the Fight-to-Gain, Fight-to-Earn and tournament game modes. It adds an RPG-like attachment to each fighter, synthesised in the value of the asset-add of their NFTs, which incentivises play time but also the desire to unlock new characters and build them up for other, newer, more casual players to get a headstart - without upsetting the ranking.
Character attributes are different for each character in the game. Some characters will have stronger attack attributes and others will be better in defence. The game will ensure that the attributes of a fighter character are well balanced, thus the outcome of a fight between two characters will be decided based on the player skills and not character attributes.
MortalDoge aims to develop a fair balancing of each character to prevent non-talent based competition. Matchmaking will be created and a ranking system introduced to ensure a fair fight between players, and prevent experienced players from disproportionately dominating inexperienced players.
Attributes: Attack, defense, speed, stamina, special power
Level: 1 = lowest Level, 5= Highest Level
EXP (Skills) will be balanced based on accuracy of punch, defense, combo and winning which will be controlled by the game mechanics. A more thorough presentation of the EXP mechanism will be provided later on.
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