For Players

Every Player in MortalDoge game can participate of the in-game ecosystem
Selling NFTs
By selling of owned NFT assets, Players are able to trade them on MortalDoge marketplace or on a third party platform (e.g. OpenSea etc.).
Lend a NFT Fighter
Every Player who owns a NFT fighter can easily lend their NFT to any other player. A lending smart contract will be used for the lending confirmation. The player who has rented the NFT Fighter needs to pay a commission (of 20%) to the NFT owner whenever they win $MORTALDOGE tokens in a Fight-to-Earn match. Later on, MortalDoge will present different lending models based on lending time and commission.
Staking Tokens
By staking $MORTALDOGE tokens Players can earn new NFT assets which can be used or sold.
Renting Arena NFTs for Advertising
Players or companies are able to rent a fighting arena and offer advertising. In each arena will be fixed spaces for advertisements (banners, logo, or GIFs) which can be used by players once they hold an arena NFT. These can always be rented for a certain time (10-30days) for a one time fee payable to the MortalDoge platform.
Fight to Earn
Every player can fight for $MORTALDOGE tokens and increase their token amount, whilst tokens can also be sold via any of the supporting exchanges.