Crypto Monetizing Gameplay

More than 2 billion people play video games. That’s more than one-quarter of the Earth’s population. It’s a $170+ billion industry experiencing 10–12% annual growth. An enormous amount of value is created every day by both developers and players, alike. Until now, there has been no convenient way for players to monetise that value.
MortalDoge means you no longer have to be a professional to make money playing video games. The thriving amateur Fighting Game Community scene is one of the most famously passionate in the world, and MortalDoge can be the catalyst for its exponential growth. It will give those players that have kept ancient games alive so long something back, and in doing so bring the rewards of the blockchain to one of the most fanatic fanbases in all of gaming.
MortalDoge is the first of its kind arcade fighter game on blockchain. It is not just fun and exciting, but it revives the classic fighting game experience and offers players the opportunity to earn $MORTALDOGE tokenwhile competing with other players around the world.
Blockchain technology and a specialised gaming cryptocurrency take video games to a whole new level, allowing players to actually make money playing video games, whilst guaranteeing a transparent and finite supply of tokens.
Using a compliant cryptographic token called $MORTALDOGE, MortalDoge provides a comprehensive game economy that uses the power, trust, and transparency of blockchain to facilitate economic transactions within the MortalDoge arcade game.
Players using a Blockchain wallet are able to purchase $MORTALDOGE tokens. They can then stake them in the game in match-ups against other players around the world to add an extra thrill to proceedings and unlock the amateur scene. $MORTALDOGE tokens can be used to purchase NFTs within the MortalDoge championship, such as new MortalDoges, artifacts to customise their look, new skill sets for them, or the rights to choose the map.
Players can win $MORTALDOGE tokens from opponents in single game fights or participate in tournaments and win the prize money for a tournament in $MORTALDOGE token and cash in their winnings by withdrawing their token from the platform.